About Simmons Woodworking

We design and manufacture custom handcrafted Rosettes, Plinth Blocks, Mantels, Furniture, and Custom Carvings for your home, office, or business.

The Simmons Family has a long and distinguished history when it comes to building, manufacturing, and retail.  Our family is now going on more than 5 generations of family business and this has allowed us to perfect our skills.  We are currently located in two countries the USA in North America and The Republic of Moldova in Eastern Europe where we are still proud to carry on the tradition of father to son fine woodworking and history.

Your satisfaction and happiness is our primary concern as we know that without you the customer there is no point to our business and as such we do our utmost to guarantee that we will not only create the product you need but give you the service that you deserve.

We also know that you sometimes have an idea that you cannot express well that is why Simmons Woodworking will work with you to help create your vision and give you a unique heritage piece that will provide not only comfort but will be something even your grandchildren will be able to look on with pride. 

Our custom creations are designed to fit your space using solid wood construction and the best of modern and traditional joinery.  Because our creations are custom made for your space, we don’t use fillers and spacers to fill voids left behind by standard manufacturing.  We feel our hand-crafted woodworking solutions are truly a work of art.

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